New York – June ’15

New York, New York! Its a hell of a town..

New York, My favourite place in the entire world, I visited in June this year and in all honesty I loved every single minute. From the hustle and bustle of the streets, to the shopping, to the food, to the helicopter ride over the city, to the bike ride through Central Park, every single thing was amazing. There’s not a single thing I dislike about the city and one day I would LOVE to live there. For my birthday I purchased a pair of Guiseppe Zanotti trainers in Barneys.. (talk about happy birthday to me)!  I adore them, they are worth every penny.

I visited the Memorial for the twin towers and also visited the new Observation Deck, It was truly beautiful. The serene environment around the memorial fountains was so amazing to experience, to show someone you are thinking of them you can put your hand in the fountain water and place it on a name engraved into the steel. Its a gorgeous memorial and one I was truly blessed to experience.

The Shake Shack.. another thing I came across when I was in New York. OMG it is to die for. The cheeseburgers and cheesy chips.. mmm!

One of my favourite things I did in New York was bike ride around Central Park and go on the boats on the lake – one things for sure, I cannot row a boat, haha. I was so tired after the 6 mile round trip (I know I’m unfit) but it was so much fun, it was such a brilliant day!

Shopping in New York is so amazing, anything you want is within reach.. the clothes are all fabulous, especially on 5th Ave! If anybody is thinking to visit New York I advise you save, save, save! You can shop til you drop!!

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