Rock On Ruby

Rock On Ruby

Sorry I’ve not blogged all week I’ve been mad busy with uni work. 4 assignment deadlines are this coming Friday and I am freaking out!
However, I’m so excited! My Rock On Ruby order came today and I am so happy with my purchases! I initially came across the brand on Instagram a few weeks ago and everything is just so cool, I want one of everything! I finally decided out of everything I wanted to buy a ‘Positive Vibes’ top and a make up bag which says ‘I came, I saw, I Contoured’.
I love them, they are fabulous! The top is also really good quality which I was worrying about when I first ordered as quite a few online stores use poor materials to make similar items but I was pleasantly surprised when my top arrived and it was good quality!
Overall I am so happy and will definitely be ordering from them again!

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