New Years Eve .. Nails!

Okay, so the only outfit I can look forward to wearing this New Years Eve is my work uniform.. BOO. I work in a bar in Hale, Cheshire and therefore any occasion I am usually working.

However.. That doesn’t mean I can’t have pretty nails now can it!?

Hogans 3

My New Years inspired nails.. I LOVE doing my nails and making them look pretty. I am actually a fully trained nail technician and therefore have all the equipment to do full glitter nails and full Swarovski crystal nails as pictured above.. The colour I used on my nails was a colour by Nails Inc called ‘Porchester Square’, the glitter polish is also by Nails Inc and is called ‘Novello Street’ I found the coverage was really full which is surprising for a glitter polish as they usually take a lot of coats. I would definitely recommend this particular one if you are looking for a good glitter coverage on the nail.

I hope everyone is enjoying the pre New Year glam fest, (hair, makeup, tanning, outfit, SHOES) .. Have a fabulous New Year guys and see you in 2016!

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