The Perfect Distraction From All Your Annoying Situations On Public Transport..

This assignment was group work focused and the aim was to create a kit which someone else could use to be demonstrate creative nature. We decided as a group that we wanted to base our creative kit around commuters and transport. We researched into the market and only found a select few that achieves a similar outcome to what we were aiming for. After we had decided that we wanted to aim our kit towards commuters we then started brainstorming theme ideas, we came up with movies and also annoying situations. We decided to go forward with annoying situations as we thought that it best suited our personalities, added humour to the publication and could be incorporated towards commuters. The process then shifted to deciding on the content we intended to make, we listed things such as:

  • Rubbings
  • Scraper foil
  • Stitching
  • Origami
  • String art etc.

After the book was complete it was time to film the book being put to use, we wanted to demonstrate how the book could be used on transport so we decided public transport would be the best option. whilst on the transport we demonstrated some of the activities in the book such as the plasticine, the eye mask, the paper plane and the fan. Myself, Paige and Chloe all designed separate storyboards and acted within the film and Danny took it upon himself to film the scenes and edit the final film. Our film turned out really well and we think it shows the book off in the correct way and demonstrates the humorous side to the audience which we particularly wanted to express.

I would say our cover tool kit is the most effective aspect within our work, its creative, practical, compact and eye catching. It is also an aspect which nobody else has done as when research was undertaken none of the kits expressed this or an idea similar. The user doesn’t have to buy tools in order to complete the book and I think this is a unique selling point due to the ease of use and also a strength when sales are considered.


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