“WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!” – Friends Fest


Friends Fest, what a fun day! After a less than ideal start to the day which included me throwing up multiple times out of the car window on the way to Heaton park, we arrived. After a short walk from the car park to the Friends Fest site, we were in! It was so cool to see all the official memorabilia and sets, it’s crazy how much bigger the sets look on tv! After all the obligatory photos on the couch, by the door, etc. we took a wander around outside, the food stalls which were all themed to tie into the Friends episodes such as the ‘Mockolate’ stand, and the ‘My Sandwich’ stand. After purchasing a drink we relaxed in a deck chair in front of the massive screen which was showing iconic friends clips, there was even a live rendition of Smelly Cat… The day couldn’t have been any better! If you didn’t get tickets, you seriously missed out!


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