Spontaneity is Healthy!

Do you guys ever get the urge to do something completely spontaneous? That’s where I’m at right now, yesterday I decided to change my hair back to brunette after 2 years of achieving being blonde. I loved being blonde but after a while, it started to take a toll on the condition of my hair, it already feels much healthier and looks thicker! I’ve been taking Perfectil and Ouai supplements in the hope that they help with the condition, I’ve also been researching into getting micro-ring extensions? If anybody has any advice or recommendations as to where is the best place to go I would be really grateful!



What do you guys think? I was obsessed with Lucy Hale’s hair in this Instagram photo, I’m aiming to achieve that look eventually.


So now the hairdo is changed, I’m looking for some other way to be spontaneous, any ideas? I want to go completely wild!

Spontaneous holiday maybe? Could definitely be on the cards…

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