I Heart Forever Book Launch


Last night I went to Lindsey Kelk’s book launch evening event where special guests, Paige Toon and Giovanna Fletcher were also attending, it’s safe to say I fangirled! They are honestly me three favourite authors and having the chance to meet them, converse and ask questions was a really special thing! They were all really lovely ladies and having the chance to sit and hear how their books come to life, production and Lindsey’s cupboard antics was a really fun experience. The night was held at the Dancehouse on Oxford Rd and was a really fun event to be part of, all the authors signed my Kindle which I was so happy about, how cool does it look now! One of my favourite parts of the evening was when Paige Toon signed my Kindle and said that she recognised me, and did I tweet her occasionally? How mad is that?! She remembered my face, out of the hundreds of people that meet her and tweet her all the time.


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