“She needs reg plates she’s walking that fast” – Em Sharples

My bestie came to visit this weekend, we had such a good time! We explored Southbank, Soho, Carnaby Street, Camden, Kings Cross station, and Knightsbridge. It was so fun to have her here for the weekend, we had a great time and drank lots of wine!

We visited ‘Tonight Josephine’ inWaterloo, what a fun bar orientated around girl power! The cocktails were amazing and the bar staff all had a really fun energy, however, if you do fancy popping in for drinks, book in advance. It’s only a small place so there are not many places to sit. Trying to balance two for one happy hour cocktails and take pictures that are Instagram worthy is harder than it looks! The bar is decorated with neon lights and pink glittery furniture, its girly heaven! I loved it.

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