Miami Shoot Out!


Okay so although I’ve just discussed Miami in the last post, I felt like this needed its own post. I shot multiple guns, can you believe it?! Somebody trusted me to shoot a gun…Unbelievable. I’ve always wanted to try shooting so after turning 21 and America having various different shooting ranges it was prime time to give it a shot.. (see what I did there). We found that Lock and Load Miami was highly reviewed, so we ventured to the art district to give it a go, our instructor Brian was very thorough in the training and guided us really well. What I didn’t expect whilst shooting was how forceful the kick back of the gun is, it really takes a toll on your shoulder if you don’t stand strong whilst shooting. We were shooting military guns and it was so exciting but scary at the same time, after shooting the most powerful gun I was literally shaking due to the force of the gun’s kick back and power. I had a great time learning how to shoot and I would definitely go back to maybe try a different gun package! Check out how bad ass I look in the pictures above!

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